Preventing fraud with ANZ.

Any new or existing customer visiting the ANZ website that wishes to apply for a product, be it a new bank account or credit card, gets taken to the ‘Apply platform’.

Our job was to provide a single cohesive journey for a new customer to be able to sign up and verify their ID all in one secure process, traditionally done as two disparate experiences, so that a customer could walk away with a shiny new bank account while ANZ was assured they were who they said they were.

Looking at existing and emerging tech, we wanted to implement extra security features, so we worked with a 3rd party tech startup for a biometrics solution.

The story


The main aim was to re-design, validate and build a new, streamlined application process, implementing a safe & secure ID verification process.

In parallel, as an organisation ANZ was going through a huge shift where design was starting to play a major part in the business, with a new design system incrementally rolling out that we had to introduce.

The previous tech stack meant each product had its own, bespoke experience, leading to many inconsistencies which needed to be addressed.


The design system was an ongoing, organic effort, which the ‘Apply platform’ was stress-testing. When we ran across issues or missing elements, we would present them as design challenges to the community.

We ran lots of testing, and demographically the test candidates were always in-market customers, but in the interest of inclusivity and accessibility, for one round we changed the candidate criteria to that of a less-technically advanced customer base, shifting the average age 73.


Because we were introducing a bunch of new features, we worked closely with the Lead Architect to begin mapping an initial experience against all the various events that triggered calls to services in the backend.

The proposed design had to be presented to many teams to ensure all requirements were being met, from risk assessment through to security.

This meant we had to balance everything while learning the complex legal & regulatory constraints and landscape of ANZ.


In merging 2 separate experiences, the key concern was increasing complexity and affecting the completion rate.

Instead, completion rate went up both for mobile and desktop, though the mobile experience was the focus.

We successfully rolled out an improved experience for all customers on all products, increasing security with a biometrically-secure ID verification process and OTP mechanisms, and a new save and resume feature for all of ANZ’s product channels.

Insights engine

1. 11 hours of 1-on-1 interviews and 200 remote unmoderated prototype testing

2. 12% increase in the SEQ score, from 5.55/7 to 6.19/7

3. 8% overall increase in completion rate


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The sweet stuff

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