Saving breakfast

About this Project
We created amazing packaging for Alt Saint’s exciting new range of Granola, Juices and Smoothies that also save critically endangered animals.
We designed a full visual language for each series of juices
Their flagship product needed maximum cut-through on shelves
We gave all their products a luxurious approach
Branding • Product design • Visual identity

Alt Saints approached us with their powerful mission statement, and we felt truly humbled to be part of it. Despite a crowded market, when a brand has such a compelling, relevant and, frankly, tragic story to tell it deserves to be heard above the rest.

We wanted the packaging to grab customer's attention and give them time to absorb the message. It needed to sing off the shelves; not just through the use of enticing and original design but by merit of Alt Saint's incredible mission to save critically endangered animals by donating after every purchase of their delicious and unique recipes.

We're proud of the work we've done for them but are completely humbled by their tireless commitment to their cause.

Trust us when we say this though: their Dark Choc Granola is pure voodoo magic. How else can it be so delicious?

Branding • Product design • Visual identity
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