Making solar shine

About this Project
We brought light to Solar Analytics’ product and called customers attention to their incredible contributions to the sustainable energy community.
On landing we spoke direct to the primary customer archetype
We had to ensure our CX flows accounted for every customer type
Showcasing community contributions offered irrefutable social proof
Brand strategy • CX • Digital design • UX • Website build

With the downright critical work Solar Analytics does for their customers and the planet at large, we were proud to work with them to elevate their brand and lift them heads and shoulders above their competitors.

Giving them a stronger digital presence was key to raising awareness of their peerless product and all their continuous contributions to the solar community, both here in Australia and the rest of the world. With climate change at the forefront of the entire planet's minds, establishing themselves as technological leaders in this field is rightfully deserved by this impassioned, driven group of scientists and engineers.

Despite a frightening number of PHDs between them, we've loved every minute of working with Solar Analytics on their endeavour.

Brand strategy • CX • Digital design • UX • Website build
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