Research assist, storage & presentation app for practitioners.

the challenge

The research plays such a critical role in every project we do, so it's of paramount importance that we can share our findings with all stakeholders.
With so much data coming out of a series of interviews, it can be a laborious but richly rewarding process to synthesise and identify important moments, resulting in a large number of insights that can be challenging to categorise and present back.
We wanted an option that suited our needs precisely, so we decided to build an internal tool to do just that.
We wanted a tool that allowed us to input large amounts of data direct from one-on-one interviews, categorise and label accordingly, and organise easily.
We knew how difficult it could be when trying to find that one little statement that came from a specific interview from a specific time, so really wanted a solution that could make this much more efficient, especially when talking with stakeholders.
Over-baking the solution had the potential to make whatever system we designed become too complicated and force us to resort to sifting through swathes of data unless we nailed the search, filter and sort capabilities.
The power of replaying to a stakeholder, word-for-word, exactly what a customer said about a particular feature or part in an experience can never be overstated, so to make that possible regardless of how much research there is to look through makes the Insights Engine an incredible tool to use.
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