Interview recording & transcribing app for journalists.

the challenge

As research, design & tech specialists creating digital products, platforms and solutions emdash is constantly interviewing people at every stage of a project. Every single time we ask ourselves this simple question: How do we record this interview?
We saw an obvious synergy with journalism when it came to following a similar process in their approach and execution of interviews, but discovered they too were limited in their options. So we decided to build an app that helped them while taking the idea one step further in this era of misinformation and 'fake news'.
The interview is a crucial part of a journalist's job, and an integral step in the process when writing a story. Also, because of the different scenarios, they can’t guarantee what environment they will be interviewing in.
After speaking to journalists all around the world and from differing fields of journalism, we mapped out a unified journey and began overlaying features.
We wanted to create a platform that offered exceptional tools when conducting and reviewing interviews but also allowed them to curate crypto-provable moments and become champions of reputational journalism.
We decided to start small and offer the maximum amount of utility we could to optimise and improve the experience when recording, transcribing and reviewing interviews.
It's no secret that journalists have it tough in this current climate, but what we were hearing surpassed our expectations with just how tough they had it.
Our platform offered a suite of tools that were free to use, with a 'pay only for what you use' model when it came to additional transcription minutes and cloud storage.
With newsrooms shrinking and media outlets disappearing despite an unquenchable 24/7 demand for news, journalists needed a solution without expensive monthly subscriptions.
emdash—ready to bring your idea to market—can’t wait to hear from you.