Virtual tasting and trade sales platform for beer, spirits & wine producers.

the challenge

With cellar doors closing as a result of the global pandemic, beer, spirits & wine producers saw a significant drop in sales.
Recognising an emerging trend for virtual tastings, emdash saw an opportunity to leverage this new channel as consumers all around the world embraced video-conference technology,
Speaking with beer, spirits & wine producers, we heard that the reduction in physicals sales meant they were increasingly looking towards boosting online sales.

In lieu of any better alternatives, the options they were considering involved optimising their online shopping experience and boosting advertising to drive customers to the website.
Seeing a trend in virtual tastings, we wanted to validate the concept of replicating the physical cellar-door experience via platforms such as Zoom.

We began to talk with industry figures and quickly discovered consumer interest in virtual tastings was diminishing. However, direct-to-trade virtual tastings was seeing a huge increasing in uptake and so we pivoted to this alternative customer base.
A key part of the physical cellar-door experience when customers were tasting products was the beer, spirits or wine producer talking through the flavour profiles of their product.

In particular, this was when customers made those impulse purchases, which were critical to the experience for making sales.
By offering a shopfront that sat within the video-conferencing software but linked directly to the beer, spirits or wine producers store, users could make purchases during virtual tastings, thus keeping sales in the moment.

Taking further inspiration from the physical experience, we added features such as the ability to add your own rating to the product along with personal tasting notes that you could reference against the producers own.
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